What's Happening in the "Hills"

    HIKING:                 Without a doubt the most popular hiking spot up here is the waterfalls @ Clark Creek Natural Area. Hike
                                 trails that follow a crystal-clear spring-fed creek as it winds thru a beautiful hardwood forest and plunges
                                 over 10-30 foot drops!  Especially nice in summer when you can really enjoy wading in the creek & cooling
                                 off under the waterfalls. Be warned though: if you're not physically fit this will be tough on you! Bring water
                                 & food if you plan to stay all day because there's neither after you leave the parking lot. Oh, also bring the
                                 $4/car entrance fee. This place is 8 miles up the road from us.

                                 Another good place to hike around here is the hiking trails on the Tunica Hills Wildlife Management Area,.
                                 henceforth known on this page as the THWMA!  They have designated hiking trails on their South Tract, 
                                 which is just 4-5 miles from us. Leave our parking lot & travel down a gravel backroad that's hilly & curvy &
                                 deserted and takes you thru breathtaking forests until you reach the parking lots at the hiking trailheads.
                                 Note: When you turn off Parker Rd onto the Old Tunica Rd, you'll be traveling the sunken roadway that is
                                 actually the lower end of the ancient Natchez Trace! As the maps at the trailheads explain, there are
                                 several different hiking trails each about 3-4 miles in length, as well as a short Nature Trail that has tree
                                 identification signs. This Nature Trail is only .4 mile & has a bench to rest on! Bring water with you for the
                                 longer hikes because there's none on the trails. Afterward you can cool off in the shallow, clear creek
                                 that flows under the Old Tunica Rd in that area.
                                 NOTE:  This applies to everyone going on the THWMA for any reason: if you're over 18 you must have
                                 either a valid hunting or fishing license or a "La Wild Stamp" on your person!  If you're under 18 you
                                 won't need this as long as you're with an adult who has one. The "LA Wild Stamp" isn't available on the
                                 THWMA, so plan ahead & pick yours up @ M&Js Store on La 66 on your way up here (or order online 
                                 from Wildlife & Fisheries or by calling 888-765-2602)  There's a 1-day pass for $2. or a seasonal pass for
                                 $9.50 that allows you unlimited access June1-June1 to any WMA in the state. Don't blow this off, be-
                                 cause you WILL be ticketed by a Game Warden if you're stopped without it!! 

   BIKING:                  Biking or motorcycling these backroads is spectacular! Even kids will enjoy biking the hills & curves on the
                                 deserted roads. Be sure to take along one of the detailed maps we made to keep you from getting lost,
                                 because your Google Map just doesn't give you the names of all these backroads! And if you have a prob-
                                 lem & give us a call, chances are we can pick you up!                          

                                 If you're into riding mountain bikes, the THWMA trails are great for offroad riding. Since the South Tract
                                 is just down the road from us, it's a short 4-5 mile ride to the trailheads. Be sure to read the  NOTE  above
                                 regarding the documentation needed to go on the THWMA.      
                                The Baton Rouge Bike Club often has organized group rides thru the Tunica Hills on weekends. Check their
                                website for details.

   ATV RIDING:         Although riding on roads is illegal, certain times of the year the THWMA has many trails open for riding
                                Check their website for details.

    HUNTING;         Check the THWMA website for dates of different hunting seasons, but wild hogs & coyotes can be hunted

                                                                            UPCOMING SPECIAL EVENTS   
                  There are so many reasons to visit beautiful West Feliciana Parish that I just can't keep this section current!!!
              Visit the West Feliciana Parish or the St Francisville websites to get dates & info on all the many festivals, events & 
              happenings up here!  


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